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Matrixport CeFi platform
How to invest into Compound from a MatrixPort CeFi Platform:

➤ Is it possible to invest into Compound from a Matrixport Platform?
➤ How can I be assured, that Matrixport CeFi platform is truly helping me investing into Compound DeFi platform?
➤ What additional investment tools and solutions have already been implemented on Matrixport platform?
These are the main questions that the ThinkTank community members headed to Sharif Allayarov, who was the headliner on Wednesday d'TV livestream at DeFiTalks. As we were running out the time, some questions remained unanswered.

Right in the morning, Rachel Lin, Senior VP Matrixport, contacted us and gave answeres to all our questions, including the complex technical ones. We'd like to thank the Matrixport team for their efficiency and openness to dialogue and cooperation.

The topics we have discussed:

✦ Intro of Matrixport
✦ What is Compound and what's "yield farming"
✦ In the common Defi world , how to use Defi product
✦ How to invest to Compound with Matrixport's solution?
✦ How can I be assured that Matrixport as a Cefi platform is truly helping me to invest into Compound?
✦ What are the benefits I can get Thanks for watching us, stay tuned!

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